Our Story

SQL park is a small trading company that designs networks practical for small business to operate.

We design digital financial tables, databases and network operations from a microsoft platform through a web address for clients to monitor and update from both internal and external sources.

We pride ourselves on our creative specifics for each individual client. We are always learning new techniques and architecture to suceed in reaching our objectives.

At the end of the day we identify and create the best most practical solutions.
SQL park offers the best possible network security to protect your data. We use campus design networking to utilise a policy of "no single point of Failure" throughout your network architecture.

Microsoft Server Table

We are famililiar with database programs like PracSoft, Sportzman, Netsuite and Smartsoft to enhance small business. We can also create original masterpieces from old school methodology, like MS Access or SQL.

Most systems considered include a three way server adaptation of ADDS, DHCP, DNS, file saving, security and backing up data.
We can create MSSQL, Oracle and SQL to compliament all server platforms.